Stir It Up Sunday-Week 5

Oh my word, it’s the last day of the month, and I’ve posted a blog a day! EEK!!

So, I have a cold.  And it sucks.  But when it’s 34 degrees when you wake up and 78 when you get home from work, then your body can’t help but overreact.

So, here are some soups that I want to try.

Hearty Vegetable Soup


This 21 Day Fix Healthier Broccoli Cheese has me seriously contemplating a run to the store.  There’s no cream or milk…yet it’s still creamy.  Witchcraft.


Taco Soup…I’ve made a version of this…so simple, so good.

Enchilada Soup…I’ve made this as well…super tasty!



School House Saturday-Week 5

Texas is a magical place.  Full of beautiful areas geographically, crazy people of all shades of color and the best food ever.

And it’s home to more than 200 post secondary choices for a higher education.  Crazy! And, although they are fantastic schools, kids and parents seem to think that there are only two public schools they want to go to, A&M and UT.  Both fabulous choices, both fantastic schools where you can get an amazing education.

But, they aren’t the only schools here.  So, I thought I would feature two of my favorites, one public and one private.

Public: Texas Tech University


It’s a beautiful campus in Lubbock (West Texas) that is kind of flat, but actually gets all four seasons. They have every major from fine arts, to liberal arts to all engineering and science and pre med you can imagine.

Great Wiki Information HERE

It’s affordable as far as public four year universities are concerned and because of it’s slight isolation, it contains a medical school and law school as well-which I believe is a huge benefit for undergraduates to do research.

Private: St. Edwards University

st-edwards-university-1-aerial-1024x623Located in Austin, Texas, St. Edwards is a private Catholic college.  It’s campus is situated on a hill and, in my opinion, offers the best of Austin without the size of UT.  St. Edwards is a true liberal arts school with a distribution core and offers lots of different majors.  It’s a tad bit more expensive, since it’s private, but not as astronomical as Baylor or Rice.

You can check out the history and basic wiki knowledge here.

Fit Friday-Week 4

Sorry for all the short posts this week. It’s been a crazy week. I’m feeling a. It under the weather tonight, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I, like most people I believe, love athleisure wear. Sometimes I might look like I worked out that say, but in reality, I haven’t. Love me some compression pants and a sweatshirt.

When looking for workout clothes here are some great places to look:

Goodwill. For real. My best friend Elizabeth pointed out that people who buy workout clothes either wear them out or not at all. Goodwill and resale shops are usually packed with high quality not worn gear.

Target. Well, because it’s Target. I just have a problem of running in and grabbing something and not walking out with $100 worth of crap. The Target bullseye is hypnotic.

Academy-awesome BCG brand stuff that’s reasonably priced.

Costco-I’ve gotten great tights and tanks there.

Etsy has great customized tops and cute tanks but usually cost a bit more.

Well-that’s my list! Any suggestions??


Theology Thursday-Week 4

I struggle with discernment. Or maybe it’s just second guessing. Or maybe it’s just not wanting to do what God wants me to do because I don’t want to.

Whatever it is, it can be paralyzing. I feel sometimes like I’m circling a drain-theologically and personally. Not as much professionally-because I like my job.

I found this and thought it could serve as a reminder to both me and anyone else who might need it.


We Can Do It Wednesday-Week 4

Y’all.  Life really sucks sometimes.

I have perspective, I know how much of a #blessed #nearperfect #notbadatall #itcouldbesomuchworse sort of life I live.  But sometimes it just stinks.  Things don’t go the way that you had intended them to go.


Who would have thought…words of wisdom from the Rolling Stones.  Considering they’ve been popular forever and Keith Richards looks dead, but is still alive, I’ll take it.  Or at least I’ll shift my perspective.

It’s timing that’s a bummer sometimes.  But we have to be reminded and encouraged by the fact that HIS timing, not ours is perfect!


Be blessed, people.


Talk About It Tuesday-Week 4

Here’s a HOT topic for you.

Do you drink a hot beverage in the morning (or anytime throughout the day)?

Are you a coffee drinker, a hot tea drinker…or do you prefer soda in the morning to get you going?

My dad is a coffee drinker, my mom drinks soda, and I used to be a soda drinker–but now I’m really a hot tea (80% of the time) or coffee drinker.

I love English Breakfast Tea, Chai and Earl Grey the most.  I’ve even started drinking Earl Grey (decaffeinated) at night.

I’ve only been a hot tea drinker for about 5 years.  I can tell you exactly when it started.  On a trip home from Africa when my sister and brother in law adopted my niece Hana. During breakfast the flight attendant asked if I wanted hot tea, I said yes, she said with what…I asked her how she drank it, so she put a little honey and milk in it and I was HOOKED.

I ended up calling Emirates, the airline we flew on, and asking them what kind of tea they served.  This girl was serious.  This is a picture of what our breakfasts were like. I can’t imagine what first class got if we were rocking an omelet, fruit, pastry, and the fixins back in Economy.  thumb_600

I really like coffee as well, but it’s pretty much khaki colored when I’m done “making it right” and it can sometimes hurt my stomach…so I stick to tea.

So, there you have it!

Are you a soda, tea or coffee kind of person? Or do you avoid all three??


Miscellaneous Monday-Week 4

So, for the sake of blogging and being miscellaneous I wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs and websites!

Buzzfeed News because everyone needs relevant articles mixed in with ridiculous quizzes.

Big Mama Blog Melanie Shankle is my spirit animal.  She’s so funny, so relevant and such a die hard Aggie that you have to love her.

Tucker Up So, this is Sarah Tucker and she’s adorable. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her, but she’s the wife of one of my favorite former students and she’s just precious. She’s got a great, down to earth voice on her blog-simple fashion tips, amazing design style and is preggo with their first little one and due in April.

I’m sure there are other great blogs out there-share your favorites of you have any!!





Stir it Up Sunday-Week 4

So, I was supposed to be house sitting/kid sitting/ dog sitting this week, but those plans changed…so I had to come up with meal planning for this week! I like to meal plan a week at a time.

Yes, sometimes it changes.  Sometimes I do get tired of it, but most of the time, I don’t. When I meal plan, I do much better scale wise.

So I’m trying this crock pot recipe for Crock Pot Beef and Broccoli and I’m legit excited.  I also am super surprised at the price of flank steak.  Yikes! This stuff better be good! I really think it will be.

So, this is what meal planning looks like for me.

Breakfast: Shakeology and some kids of fruit and juice blended.

Black tea of some sort (still gotta have caffeine)

Snack: whole wheat toast and almond butter or yogurt and berries

Lunch: This week will be crock pot recipe a few days or yogurt and berries on the days that I don’t have toast.

Snack: Fruit with string cheese or boiled egg with spicy mustard

Dinner: One night will probably be an omelette, one night will be egg in hole, one night will be crock pot left overs, one night might be another shakeology, and I think I’m going to do spaghetti squash and chicken meatballs one night…I’ve got the stuff…but it probably will be late in the week!

I try my best to have protein every meal or snack. Not alot of carbs at night.  No fruit (because it’s sugar) at night.

Schoolhouse Saturday-Week 4

So I’m laying in bed on a Saturday morning-bright and early at 6:30 and realized that I didn’t have a Schoolhouse Saturday post up yet. Yikes!

I think it’s funny how much of my schedule is dictated by school sometimes. I’m sure any teacher feels that way-and anyone with kids at school also probably feels that way. I’m there Monday thru Friday. Then I went to a basketball game Friday night. I’m going to a play today. I could actually use some time at school working on something today-but I don’t know if I’ll do that or not. I can get a little too focused sometimes and spend way to many hours at that little schoolhouse down the street and not take the time away that I should.

I’m pretty passionate about education. Access to it, the freedom from poverty that it can produce, and the necessity of it. I’m not so naive to think that education equals intelligence. My dad is one of the smartest people I know and he quit high school. I know he regrets it. I often imagine what differences in life would have occurred for him had he finished and had the opportunity to attend college. Same thing goes for my mom. Super smart, very creative. It would have been interesting to see the same people with a different chance in life. Their hard work and push to do well changed the course of our family forever-and I’m grateful for that.

So I will just leave you with this picture-cause I have to leave a little Texas love on my blog as well! image

Fit Friday-Week 3

I’m not a fan of exercising, I will be really honest.  I still struggle some days to find the time, energy and motivation to do so.

What I try to do is work in some exercise where I can, as well as trying to work out 30 minutes a day.

I do 10 squats when I go to the bathroom.

I take the stairs instead of the elevator, unless I just can’t because I’m delivering something to a classroom.

I park as far away from the entrance as I can at stores.

I do laps at the mall when I’m looking for something, or sometimes when I’m not.


I look at it like this as well.  There are 24 hours in a day.  So, 1440 minutes.  30 minutes of walking, aerobics, swimming, whatever you can fit in is technically .02 or 2% of your day.  It’s not that much to ask that you focus on yourself and your well being for 30 minutes.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate exercise into your day??

And all my momma friends out there..y’all are champs…carrying around kiddos is tough!