Welcome to Delightfully Debra

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I’ll keep it brief, which is tough for me, but I wanted to explain a little about this blog.

First, delightfully means giving great delight or pleasure or highly pleasing.  As a self confessed people-pleaser, I thought that the title was both direct and a little funny…which is kind of how I see myself.

I love to write.  I love the internet.  I’m full of useless knowledge and I like to help people.  I thought a blog would be a good way to try and document the year, help people find things they may be interested in, and, well, give me a different sort of platform for self expression.  So here goes!

I’m going to work on blogging everyday, and to do so, I thought I would at least start out with themes each day. It keeps me accountable and lets my readers…if I ever get any, a way to know what’s coming up next!

Sunday: Stir It Up Sunday–I love recipes and baking and great websites so Sundays I will share.

Monday: Miscellaneous Mondays-this gives me the freedom to post on just about anything!

Tuesday: Talk About It Tuesday-I love pop culture, politics, current events and hope to stir up some comments on Tuesday!

Wednesday: We Can Do It Wednesday-I love motivational books, quotations, songs, videos etc.  I hope to post something encouraging and relevant each Wednesday.

Thursday: Theology Thursdays-Being a Christian is a huge part of my life.  I am far from being a theologian or apologetic, but I hope to post current thoughts on my faith and my walk, in hopes to encourage others.

Fridays-Fit Fridays.  Y’all.  I’m not a trainer, I’m not even a fan of getting up and exercising or eating right, but this last year has changed my views of the fitness world. On Fridays, I hope to show you why!

Saturday-Schoolhouse Saturdays-As an educator, I love to share funny stories from school, great articles about education, and maybe for my friends with older kids, some college knowledge.

Anywho…this is just an idea that I hope that I can keep up with this year.  I hope you join in on my journey!


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