Stir it Up Sunday-Week 1

A year ago this February I embarked on a wellness journey of sorts. To be quite honest, I thought it would be like the million other times that I tried to lose weight. I’d lose a little, then bounce back up, then give up.  I’d pretend to be committed but would waiver or binge or something else along those lines.

I love food, like really really love food.  I love the tastes, the textures, the smells, everything about it.  Being single, it’s so much easier, and sometimes it felt like it was cheaper, to just grab food on the go.

Christmas of 2014 was tough.  Christmas always is, but that’s another post.  I had a million things going on at work and personally, and found an undue amount of comfort in food, particularly ice cream and cookies.  I hit a high / low point when I stepped on the scale at my sister’s house and it said 188.  That’s not the most I’ve weighed before, but it was enough to scare me.

I jumped back into drinking Shakeology (which I had once before) and committed to try the 21 day fix. Yes, that cheesy infomercial you see on at night.  (PLEASE don’t buy it off the TV-I can explain why if you ask! )  I mean, three weeks, that’s easy, right.  It took me probably 4 weeks to get through a week of the fix. I lost a little-and then a light switch went off.  I need to eat better and I need to get off my butt.  And, it all sort of started coming off.  I wish I had tracked it better, or taken more before and after pictures.  But, I’m down 40 pounds, and I’ve kept it off.  I’m off blood pressure meds for the first time in a decade, and my cholesterol is well below average now.

I’m not perfect.  Far from it.  I just ate a piece of left over coconut cake that was in my fridge.  The big difference now is that I didn’t eat the cake, just a piece.

I want to share some of my favorite recipes, and I’m only going to post things that I’ve actually tried and liked. For me, it’s all about eating better. It’s amazing that once you stop eating (for the most part) fast food and crappy food, real food is great, and fills you up!

This stuff is awesome.  You will see some container conversions on there, as it’s a 21 Day Fix recipe, but the important thing is that it’s considered clean (no processed foods) and it’s super tasty.  The serving size is a quarter of a pan.  That’s nuts.  So for me, I get more than a few meals out of this.

Hope you enjoy the  Mexican Turkey Quinoa Bake !


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