Talk To Me Tuesday-Week 1

Y’all.  Go watch this freaking movie.  It was so good.  I took the chance and watched it in 3D (and that sometimes gives me a headache) and it was worth it.  I’m drinking the kool-aid, and I’m all in for the next two movies that will follow.  We watched all 6 of the other movies first, which I don’t think you have to, but did help alot with the excitement and story.


And, I’m excited about this movie.  I read the book over Christmas, and if the actors are as good as the reviews are saying, I could see some awards in their future. The book is different, as it’s written from a 5 year old’s point of view, so sometimes it’s frustrating.  I’m really looking forward the movie simply because I think it will translate really well as a film, unlike other books that movies seem to destroy.



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