We Can Do It Wednesday-Week 1

Oh Wednesday! This is one of the longest weeks of the year, and it’s only four days of work! Somewhere between the adjusting back to work hours and detoxing from the joy/pain that is “cookies for breakfast” Christmas break, it makes for an interesting few days at work!


I saw this today, and it really hit me hard. I think it’s pretty bold, and pretty motivating, personally. You may look at it as a pretty negative way of starting out We Can Do It Wednesday, but stay with me here.

At first I thought mainly about exercising. Until I made it important to me (I still don’t like it), it was super easy to find an excuse.  “I had a long day.  I’m tired. My feet already hurt from wearing boots all day.  It’s not going to help anyway.”

Then I started thinking about other things…Wednesday night church services, giving a church like I should, spending time on people and situations that don’t help you or grow you.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be times in our lives when our schedules and priorities  don’t allow us to do things that are important to us.  I would have loved to do certain things while I was teaching in Dallas and going to grad school, but between my debate travel schedule and going to class, I could barely keep my head above water.

This year I’m really trying to be truly honest with myself.  I’m trying to learn to say no to things and not feel badly about doing so.  I want to make things important that should be important and keep my eyes forward instead of living in the what ifs that come with worry and anxiety!

But what about now, what are some things that get your time but shouldn’t? What are somethings that are truly important to you that you aren’t doing? Why…are you scared? Do you not know where to start?


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