Fit Friday-Week 1

Hmmm-Fit Fridays. From a girl who just had Chick-Fil-A for dinner. 😄

But seriously, I’m no expert. I love food, I love food that isn’t great for you. Cake, Ice Cream, cheesey casseroles. And I eat it-occasionally. And you know what-that’s ok.

I really strive to eat cleanly 80%-90% of the time. What that means is that most of the time I’m eating real, never been processed, no chemicals added food. A typical day for me looks like this: I have Shakeology for breakfast, typically with either fruit and fruit juice or fruit and almond milk, a few hours later I have yogurt and berries or a banana and nut butter, lunch is typically something I’ve crock-potted over the weekend, afternoon snack of a cheese stick or a boiled egg, and dinner could be an omelette full of veggies and toast or a sandwich and veggies and hummus. See-a ton of food. I eat more now and weigh less than I have in at least 10 years!

One of the first things I did several years ago was give up soda. I was a four+ a day dr. pepper girl. Then I switched to diet, which isn’t much better. Finally I weaned myself down to one a day then half then none. I still drink tea and coffee, but not with sugar. I may put a little honey in my tea, but I try not to.

If I could give you one piece of advice out there it would be to challenge yourself to try to say no to soda. I feel ridiculous and preachy saying that, but it’s just something that can make a difference almost immediately weight wise-if you are worried about that. I love this Buzzfeed article about soda!

Other than just simple stuff like this, I hope to share additional recipes here just like I will on Sundays!!


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