Schoolhouse Saturday-Week 2

So, this is probably the most controversial post as of yet.

I. Am. Not. A. Parent.  And I am not telling you how to be a parent.  I have, however, spent 8-12 hours a day with teenagers for the past 15 1/2 years.  So, I do know a little bit. Ultimately you, not me, gets to do whatever you feel is right and necessary for your child and your family.

Lawnmower Parenting It’s a new term.  Gone are the days of the helicopter parent who hovers over their child making sure that everything is done…now we have lawnmower parents.  Parents who “mow down” any obstacle in their child’s way so that they don’t experience any sort of failure, bumps or decisions that they may have to make at a cross road.

This is not to say that you can’t help.  That’s your job.  And if your child needs an advocate because they can not speak for themselves due to age, any sort of learning or emotional conditions or a truly incompetent teacher…then get involved.  And by incompetent, I mean really bad…just because your kid isn’t making an A doesn’t mean the teacher isn’t doing their job.

Obstacles make kids grow.  Although we live in a generation of participation trophies for everyone…we all know that the real world is full of tough decisions and making choices and failing…GASP!!!

Yes, it is ok to hear no. To fail. To not be the star player on the team.  To get cut.

I loved this article from from a dean at Stanford University.

“What will become of young adults who look accomplished on paper but seem to have a hard time making their way in the world without the constant involvement of their parents? How will the real world feel to a young person who has grown used to problems being solved for them and accustomed to praise at every turn?”

PREACH!!!!  I love my job, but this hits home in a way I can’t even describe adequately.

I don’t know ladies and gents (my imaginary readers).

What are your thoughts on this topic??



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