Miscellaneous Monday-Week 2

Anyone else create entire scenarios in their head about situations in your life? Then, when the reality plays out in a different way, whether it be good or bad, you are stuck with crushing disappointment?

Just me. Nice.

Thanks, I’m not crazy at all.

I don’t know when it started for me, probably high school or college.  I’ll be honest, it usually centers around situations involving guys, but I’ve seen it creep over into tons of different situations.

I’ve always been the best friend, the girl next door, the encourager and the supporter.

These are things I don’t mind.  I’m a fantastic friend (insert tooting of own horn here), I’m pretty chill in the sense that I don’t really like drama or causing dramatic situations.  I like to encourage people and support them toward their dreams and goals.  I’m not the pushover I was in the past, and I speak my mind pretty freely.

Hmmmm…this year I am really trying my hardest to not be the epic worrier that I’m prone to be.  It’s taking more out of me emotionally than I had anticipated initially.  I’m having to face some truths about myself that I don’t necessarily love to see.

In my life group we are studying a book that brought up jealously and how on some level being jealous of others is human (yes) and sinful (yes), because you really need to have faith that God has you where He wants you, no matter your wants or desires.  When you want something someone else has you have to realize that you would have both the good and the burden of their situation.  God equips you for what you need, not what someone else has.

That’s a tough pill for me to swallow.



One comment

  1. Melissa Taylor · January 11, 2016

    Again love the blog…and even on days like today when you are stepping on my toes…I am still digesting the last two sentences…


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