Schoolhouse Saturday-Week 3

So, welcome to Schoolhouse Saturday’s first school share.  I wanted to share about a college that you might not have heard of and why I think they are cool!

  1. Sarah Lawrence College-A private liberal arts school, coed-despite the name, located in Bronxville, NY 45 minutes north of New York City.  Expensive-about $65,000+ a year, this college has produced alumni like JJ Abrams (Star Wars, Lost, Star Trek), Debra Zane (casting agent extraordinaire), Julianna Margulies (ER, The Good Wife), Vera Wang (designer), Rahm Emmanuel (despite his politics, he is famous), amazing other educators, writers (Alice Walker) and so many more. slideshow-homeOther than just looking pretty, it’s the way the college forces kids to diversify that makes me want to pack my bags and head back to school.  This is what they say:The freedom to steer your own education has always been the basis of Sarah Lawrence’s academic model. You will create a course of study that is uniquely yours—a path you’re eager to pursue each day. And with a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio that becomes 1:1 in bi-weekly conferences with your professors, you will receive a level of intellectual and creative guidance that is unparalleled in undergraduate education.You may focus in any of our nearly 50 disciplines—and you can choose more than one. Rather than spending time fulfilling requirements for a major, you will explore multiple areas of specialization. You’ll also gain the breadth that only a traditional liberal arts education affords by taking courses in three of our four areas of study: Creative and Performing Arts, History and the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. And while 90 percent of classes are small, round-table seminars—all taught directly by faculty—there are also lecture courses available to give you a broad, inclusive view of a subject.

    – See more at:

I would be the best Biology, Literature, Theater Arts major ever.

I think it’s a cool school, for kids who could afford it, or are on scholarship because of what it allows you to do.  Being boxed in to a single requirement is super hard, and I think multidisciplinary education is important.



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