Stir It Up Sunday-Week 3


If you can feel bad for food, I feel a bit bad for eggs.

I mean, first they are good for you, then they are bad, then they are good again.  Talk about giving something a complex.

Personally, I’m a fan.  I probably eat a dozen or eggs in a typical week.  Yolk and all.  I admit, I really want to try the larger grass fed eggs from a free range farm, but I’m a little scared…plus they are harder to come by where I shop, and I’m sure they aren’t cheap.  I do buy organic, slightly more expensive eggs from HEB though.

I tend to do my shake and yogurt and fruit in the mornings, something I’m prepped over the weekend for lunch, and something simple-quite often eggs at dinner.


These are my favorite egg cups and I’m making them this weekend.  The serving size is two cups, and I usually pack two, some raw spinach and salsa for lunch. They are so easy, super good and quite filling! You can modify them with different meats (I’ve used polish sausage, italian sausage and turkey breakfast sausage) and different veggies.  I highly suggest giving these a try!

Here is the recipe! So yummy!!



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