Miscellaneous Monday-Week 3

So, Miscellaneous Monday…we meet again.

I’ve got Monday off from school, and it’s my plan to be super productive.

My plan…we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s my to do list:

  1. Straighten up the garage
  2. Pull crap up from the flower beds (if it’s warm enough)
  3. Exercise/Treadmill
  4. Bake egg cups for lunches/dinner
  5. Cook rice/chicken for lunches/dinner
  6. Go watch a movie
  7. Clean the bathrooms/vacuum the house
  8. Clean out the pantry
  9. Laundry
  10. Make sure blogs are up for the week.

I’m wondering how many of these will get done, or if the thought of laying in my bed with zero responsibilities will win out.

Are you a get things done on your day off kind of person, or a rest kind of person? I try to do both…I always feel like I want to accomplish something…I don’t relax well, unless I’m sick!!


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