Schoolhouse Saturday-Week 4

So I’m laying in bed on a Saturday morning-bright and early at 6:30 and realized that I didn’t have a Schoolhouse Saturday post up yet. Yikes!

I think it’s funny how much of my schedule is dictated by school sometimes. I’m sure any teacher feels that way-and anyone with kids at school also probably feels that way. I’m there Monday thru Friday. Then I went to a basketball game Friday night. I’m going to a play today. I could actually use some time at school working on something today-but I don’t know if I’ll do that or not. I can get a little too focused sometimes and spend way to many hours at that little schoolhouse down the street and not take the time away that I should.

I’m pretty passionate about education. Access to it, the freedom from poverty that it can produce, and the necessity of it. I’m not so naive to think that education equals intelligence. My dad is one of the smartest people I know and he quit high school. I know he regrets it. I often imagine what differences in life would have occurred for him had he finished and had the opportunity to attend college. Same thing goes for my mom. Super smart, very creative. It would have been interesting to see the same people with a different chance in life. Their hard work and push to do well changed the course of our family forever-and I’m grateful for that.

So I will just leave you with this picture-cause I have to leave a little Texas love on my blog as well! image


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