Stir it Up Sunday-Week 4

So, I was supposed to be house sitting/kid sitting/ dog sitting this week, but those plans changed…so I had to come up with meal planning for this week! I like to meal plan a week at a time.

Yes, sometimes it changes.  Sometimes I do get tired of it, but most of the time, I don’t. When I meal plan, I do much better scale wise.

So I’m trying this crock pot recipe for Crock Pot Beef and Broccoli and I’m legit excited.  I also am super surprised at the price of flank steak.  Yikes! This stuff better be good! I really think it will be.

So, this is what meal planning looks like for me.

Breakfast: Shakeology and some kids of fruit and juice blended.

Black tea of some sort (still gotta have caffeine)

Snack: whole wheat toast and almond butter or yogurt and berries

Lunch: This week will be crock pot recipe a few days or yogurt and berries on the days that I don’t have toast.

Snack: Fruit with string cheese or boiled egg with spicy mustard

Dinner: One night will probably be an omelette, one night will be egg in hole, one night will be crock pot left overs, one night might be another shakeology, and I think I’m going to do spaghetti squash and chicken meatballs one night…I’ve got the stuff…but it probably will be late in the week!

I try my best to have protein every meal or snack. Not alot of carbs at night.  No fruit (because it’s sugar) at night.


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