Talk About It Tuesday-Week 4

Here’s a HOT topic for you.

Do you drink a hot beverage in the morning (or anytime throughout the day)?

Are you a coffee drinker, a hot tea drinker…or do you prefer soda in the morning to get you going?

My dad is a coffee drinker, my mom drinks soda, and I used to be a soda drinker–but now I’m really a hot tea (80% of the time) or coffee drinker.

I love English Breakfast Tea, Chai and Earl Grey the most.  I’ve even started drinking Earl Grey (decaffeinated) at night.

I’ve only been a hot tea drinker for about 5 years.  I can tell you exactly when it started.  On a trip home from Africa when my sister and brother in law adopted my niece Hana. During breakfast the flight attendant asked if I wanted hot tea, I said yes, she said with what…I asked her how she drank it, so she put a little honey and milk in it and I was HOOKED.

I ended up calling Emirates, the airline we flew on, and asking them what kind of tea they served.  This girl was serious.  This is a picture of what our breakfasts were like. I can’t imagine what first class got if we were rocking an omelet, fruit, pastry, and the fixins back in Economy.  thumb_600

I really like coffee as well, but it’s pretty much khaki colored when I’m done “making it right” and it can sometimes hurt my stomach…so I stick to tea.

So, there you have it!

Are you a soda, tea or coffee kind of person? Or do you avoid all three??



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