Fit Friday-Week 4

Sorry for all the short posts this week. It’s been a crazy week. I’m feeling a. It under the weather tonight, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I, like most people I believe, love athleisure wear. Sometimes I might look like I worked out that say, but in reality, I haven’t. Love me some compression pants and a sweatshirt.

When looking for workout clothes here are some great places to look:

Goodwill. For real. My best friend Elizabeth pointed out that people who buy workout clothes either wear them out or not at all. Goodwill and resale shops are usually packed with high quality not worn gear.

Target. Well, because it’s Target. I just have a problem of running in and grabbing something and not walking out with $100 worth of crap. The Target bullseye is hypnotic.

Academy-awesome BCG brand stuff that’s reasonably priced.

Costco-I’ve gotten great tights and tanks there.

Etsy has great customized tops and cute tanks but usually cost a bit more.

Well-that’s my list! Any suggestions??



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