School House Saturday-Week 5

Texas is a magical place.  Full of beautiful areas geographically, crazy people of all shades of color and the best food ever.

And it’s home to more than 200 post secondary choices for a higher education.  Crazy! And, although they are fantastic schools, kids and parents seem to think that there are only two public schools they want to go to, A&M and UT.  Both fabulous choices, both fantastic schools where you can get an amazing education.

But, they aren’t the only schools here.  So, I thought I would feature two of my favorites, one public and one private.

Public: Texas Tech University


It’s a beautiful campus in Lubbock (West Texas) that is kind of flat, but actually gets all four seasons. They have every major from fine arts, to liberal arts to all engineering and science and pre med you can imagine.

Great Wiki Information HERE

It’s affordable as far as public four year universities are concerned and because of it’s slight isolation, it contains a medical school and law school as well-which I believe is a huge benefit for undergraduates to do research.

Private: St. Edwards University

st-edwards-university-1-aerial-1024x623Located in Austin, Texas, St. Edwards is a private Catholic college.  It’s campus is situated on a hill and, in my opinion, offers the best of Austin without the size of UT.  St. Edwards is a true liberal arts school with a distribution core and offers lots of different majors.  It’s a tad bit more expensive, since it’s private, but not as astronomical as Baylor or Rice.

You can check out the history and basic wiki knowledge here.


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