Miscellaneous Monday-Week 5

Welcome to February! I’m so excited that I’ve been consistent with my blogging.  I might write several at a time and schedule them out depending on what I have to do that week.

So, today’s miscellaneous topic…online dating.

If you’re married and you have been for a while, consider yourself lucky; blessed even.  Today we live in a world of online dating, and even though it’s become very accepted the last few years, it’s still kind of strange to me.  I would, I think, much rather be set up by friends, but that’s never worked out either.  Maybe that should tell me something!

I’ve had several friends meet their spouses online or their current boyfriends online, and others met their former boyfriends or former spouses.  I think it’s better to meet online than drunk at a bar (no offense if any of you met that way.

I have a tendency to attract much older men (like 50+) for some strange reason.  Not exactly what I’m looking for, considering I still want the option of having a child or expanding an already established family.

I haven’t been on a real date in years.  Yep, years.  I’m trying to relax and think that things will happen in God’s time and not mine, but as I get older, it gets more complicated and more difficult to remain calm about it all. So I’ve jumped back in…might as well try!

Anyway…for those of you not involved in online dating, it’s also very expensive.  EHarmony was about $80 a month at one time…which is nuts.  Some of them run sales (around Christmas and Valentine’s Day of course) which crack me up.

It’s hard. You have to be yourself without being yourself in small paragraphs. You have to judge quickly without being judgmental.  You have to know what you are looking for without being so closed minded that miss out on someone that might be good for you.

And prepare to never get emails back for no reason at all.

Anyway…how do you all feel about online dating? Do you know anyone who has met their significant other online?


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