Talk About It Tuesday-Week 5



I think being a leader is difficult.  Being a good leader all the time is virtually impossible.  My sister and I just had a conversation about being a democratic vs autocratic leader.  You have to be a little bit of both.  If you are too democratic, you get taken advantage of, if you are too autocratic, you’re an ass.  So you have to find a balance.

I’ve been a leader in some situations, and it’s tough.  I was captain of the color guard when I was a junior when their were seniors on the team.  And it sucked. They thought that I got it because of my relationship with our band director’s son.  Part of me probably thought that too.  My senior year I was drum major, and had to be a butt sometimes to my friends.  Or at least they thought I was being a butt by simply telling them what I had to at the time.

What kind of leaders do you respond best to?

Democratic or Autocratic? Ones that watch over you or that are working with you? How much freedom do you need when you work?



One comment

  1. Ronda · February 2, 2016

    You have to grow into the role. So when you were younger you weren’t really ready but if not given the opportunity once in awhile where does the experience come from. YOU were chosen because you worked at the try out and performed to the level expected and you talk a good game even then.


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