Fit Friday-Week 7

So, since I’m going to Europe this summer, I want to make sure that I can walk without getting tired.  I also want to make sure that my weight and metabolism are kicking it so that I get some fish and chips and croissants, wine and cheese and some good old fashioned Irish beer. For real.

So, I’ve got to step it up fitness wise.  I’ve been slacking pretty hard in that area and I need to make sure that I increase my cardio and strengthen my core.  I also want a better booty.  Lets be real… I have no butt, and I’d like a bigger one.  Crazy, I know.  Most people want a smaller booty and I’m over here reading articles about how to get mine bigger.  Squats much.

So my sister is sending me the program that helped her tone up after her surgery a few years ago.  And, hopefully I will get it this week.


Some Shaun T.  I know him from the fun program called Cize, where I danced about 10 pounds off my body, but this is less about weight and more about getting my body in better shape.

Here’s a little preview…and it makes me ill just to think about.  I want to push myself, and I think this is how! 25 minutes…eek!


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