Miscellaneous Monday Week 8


Kind of snuck up on me.  I’m not sure when it truly hit me that I’m a grown up that does grown up things and has to make grown up decisions.

Maybe it’s because I’m still somebody’s kid.  Maybe its because I’ve spent all day everyday for more than a decade and a half with teenagers.

But when did doing my taxes carefully, planning for retirement and living within a budget get to be things I’m worried about accomplishing.

Case in point: I want a dog.

I bought Wrigley when I was 21.  I had just moved out of a dorm and into an apartment for senior year.  Saved $100 to buy her and another $400 for the pet deposit. I had the good sense to take her to the vet, she was really sick, so I took her to my parents “for the summer.”

That was 16 years ago.  She’s still alive (barely) and living with mom and dad.

Now, I want a dog.  I want the companionship, the friendship and the cuddles.

I don’t want:

Vet Bills

Hair Everywhere

Getting emotionally attached then the dog dying

What kind of breed is best

I would need to fix my fence

I need to install a doggie door

Dog food, training, toys

I don’t have to pay a deposit because I own my house…but I have carpet


Adulthood.  There you go.


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