Talk to Me Tuesday-Week 10

After a super interesting conversation with Erin tonight about Trump and what looks like an eventual Republican nomination, it made me start thinking about who I would want in the cabinet, and who are my picks for these positions in the cabinet. I admit, some of these were Erin’s idea, but I have to agree. I like a lot of these.

First…whomever he picks as his Vice President would have to be great.  Don’t know who that would be.

Secretary of State: Marco Rubio

Secretary of the Treasury: Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo CEO)

Secretary of Defense: Michèle Flournoy

Attorney General: Chris Christie

Secretary of the Interior: George P. Bush

Secretary of Agriculture: Rick Perry

Secretary of Commerce: Nikki Haley

Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Ben Carson

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: No Clue

Secretary of Transportation:No Clue

Secretary of Energy: Sarah Palin

Secretary of Education:Michelle Rhee

Secretary of Veteran Affairs: Allen West

Secretary of Homeland Security: Rudy Guiliani





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