We Can Do It Wednesday-Week 9

So very true.

I think it’s important to balance a sunny and positive outlook with a hefty dose of reality. Sometimes I think that makes me a Debbie Downer when it comes to matters about myself. It’s such a fine line between being positive and feeling confident, an being totally full of yourself, so I ere on the side of self deprecation and sometimes that gets the best of me.

So where does that leave us?

It’s a mental game.  It’s tough to play.


Talk About It Tuesday-Week 9

Y’all.  If you aren’t watching this show, you are missing out.

It’s funny, super creative and quickly becoming the thing that I look most forward to on Tuesday nights on HGTV.

Love me some Fixer Upper.

bp_hfxup302h_hosts_joanna-and-chip-gaines_194789_647338-1195974It’s the shiplap, it’s the awesome kitchen islands, and it’s definitely the love between Chip and Joanna Gaines.  They love the Lord, unapologetically, they love each other, they adore their four kids and they are both so talented and so creative.  They are really creating a love for Waco.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s Joanna’s testimony.

If you aren’t watching the show, start. I guarantee you will love it!

Miscellaneous Monday-Week 9

Happy Leap Year Day!

So, I’m contemplating making this lovely Ranch Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin.


I’ve got everything but the tenderloin.  Pork scares me a bit because it isn’t cheap, and I sometimes over cook it, but the glaze/gravy looks scrumptious, will help with that, and isn’t full of wasted calories.

I’ve also got lots of really ripe bananas, so I’m planning to make these bad boys–Coconut Flour Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Who says eating healthy isn’t tasty!


Stir It Up Sunday-Week 9

So, we interrupt this regularly scheduled day of recipe posts (which will now occur on Miscellaneous Monday) to answer some questions that I have had recently about the 21 Day Fix.

I made this short video below if anyone cares to watch…it takes about 10 minutes. I look a hot mess, It’s not the best quality, but oh well… you get the point!

So if you have any more questions… comment here, or find me on facebook or you can read lots more about the 21 Day Fix here on my website!

Schoolhouse Saturday-Week 9

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post about schools, school topics, and general school-foolery to say that I’m pretty sure I’m either getting tonsilitis or strep throat.  I feel like poop. I’m having a hard time swallowing, and I’m still in bed at 10 am on a Saturday, and that’s not like me.

I’m binge watching DVRd TV and Netflix, and hope to get out of the house eventually.

Advil. Tylenol. Mucinex with sudafed and staying in bed.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer today, but I’m out.


Fit Friday-Week 8


I have to remind myself of this all the dang time.  I’ve lost about 45 pounds.  I didn’t gain all that weight overnight. I’m never going to be a size 0.  I don’t want to be, that’s just not what I’m going for.  I’m going  for a slimmer trimmer version of myself, not skinny. Fit.

If all goes according to plan, I’ve done a week of T-25 by now. I wanted to start today (Sunday) but my teeth literally started falling out yesterday.  I know, fun times.

Hopefully I’m able to walk.


We Can Do It Wednesday-Week 8

First, Happy Birthday, Mom.  I don’t think my mom even knows that I blog. But HBD.

I love this graphic.


I’m a big believer in the graphic.


No one wants you to be miserable.  Make a plan, take a stand.  Do something that gets you out of your comfort zone if you need to.

Move on.


Talk To Me Tuesday-Week 8

Y’all.  I’m just going to leave this facebook post by Matt Walsh right here.

I was just talking to my friend Erin about this.  People who are supporting Trump, get your head out of the sand.

Trump won South Carolina, a supposedly conservative Christian state, by a wide margin tonight.
A few quick reactions:

– Don’t rationalize this. He didn’t win because of Democrats. The man won Evangelicals. The man who — JUST THIS WEEK — praised Planned Parenthood, and who fishes for applause lines by cussing out his competitors and mocking disabled people, and who can’t name a book in the Bible, and who said he doesn’t need forgiveness from God, and who brags about sleeping with married women, and who said he’d love to date his own daughter because she has a hot body, and who supported the murder of fully developed infant children, and who blatantly lies and then lies again about lying, and who has encapsulated literally the exact opposite of anything that could remotely be considered a “Christian value,” won with the indispensable assistance of Christians. The anger I feel towards those Christians in this moment cannot be put into words. They should be ashamed. I will pray for them.

– Speaking of winning conservatives, Trump — JUST THIS WEEK — said he likes the Obamacare mandate. This was, according to conservatives, the most important thing to defeat not but two years ago. Now some of those same conservatives are voting for a big government liberal who says he supports the very thing these very people were sure would undo the Republic just a few months ago.

– If Trump wins the nomination, conservatism in this country is officially dead, and the country itself will be close behind it.

– Speaking of the country’s demise, Trump fans are gleefully ushering in tyranny. I am tired of hearing about their “anger.” They claim they are angry at the very thing they now embrace. They aren’t angry. They’re bored. They’re immature. They’re infatuated with celebrity and fame and money. They aren’t angry. I’m angry about what they are doing to my nation. The rest of us can be angry, but these people have lost the right to have their anger taken seriously.

– I don’t want to hear about second place consolation prizes. If Cruz or Rubio can’t win South Carolina, it may be time to panic. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Deal with the reality, folks.

– According to exit polls, Trump fans don’t necessarily think he’s electable and they don’t believe he shares their values, but “they want change.” Dear God, we are really doing 2008 all over again. People voting for ambiguous, non-specific change in spite of the avalanche of red flags. We are really doing this again. I am so disgusted at the stupidity in this country.

– Bush should be commended for dropping out. He’s an honorable and decent man, although I didn’t support him. The others in the bottom tier, should they stay in, will be doing potentially irreparable harm to this country and my children’s future. And that is something I will struggle to forgive.

– Get on your knees and pray for this country tonight. Right now. I feel we are on the cusp of something terrible. Pray we avoid it.


Ugh.  So discouraging.

I’m a Ben Carson fan, but he needs to drop out. So does Kasich.  Rubio is a really strong candidate and isn’t a polarizing as Ted Cruz can be. He’s more likable.  He’s also bilingual, and we really need to not isolate Hispanic voters.

But please.  Can we stop this idea that Donald Trump can be president.


Miscellaneous Monday Week 8


Kind of snuck up on me.  I’m not sure when it truly hit me that I’m a grown up that does grown up things and has to make grown up decisions.

Maybe it’s because I’m still somebody’s kid.  Maybe its because I’ve spent all day everyday for more than a decade and a half with teenagers.

But when did doing my taxes carefully, planning for retirement and living within a budget get to be things I’m worried about accomplishing.

Case in point: I want a dog.

I bought Wrigley when I was 21.  I had just moved out of a dorm and into an apartment for senior year.  Saved $100 to buy her and another $400 for the pet deposit. I had the good sense to take her to the vet, she was really sick, so I took her to my parents “for the summer.”

That was 16 years ago.  She’s still alive (barely) and living with mom and dad.

Now, I want a dog.  I want the companionship, the friendship and the cuddles.

I don’t want:

Vet Bills

Hair Everywhere

Getting emotionally attached then the dog dying

What kind of breed is best

I would need to fix my fence

I need to install a doggie door

Dog food, training, toys

I don’t have to pay a deposit because I own my house…but I have carpet


Adulthood.  There you go.